Publications, Talks & Press

The UK's Daily Mail picked up our press release about Ben Black's climate modeling work, and published Rain as acidic as LEMON JUICE may have caused mass extinction 252 million years ago by disfiguring plants. Well, close!

NBC News online covered our presentations at Fall AGU, along with others, and gave us this beautiful article: Earth's greatest killer finally caught, thanks to geology gumshoes.

Richard Kerr from Science thinks we've proven our hypothesis! This is based on presentations from our team and from others at the Fall AGU meeting in December 2013. Mega-eruptions drove the mother of mass extinctions

An MIT/Carnegie Institution for Science press release on our measurements of the toxic and greenhouse gases released by the Siberian flood basalts.

Christian Science Monitor article on the end-Permian extinction with comments from our team members 

Naturenews article Why big eruptions don’t always fuel mass extinctions about research by Arndt, Svensen, and Ganino