Siberian Flood Basalt Collection

Below is a list of our current rock collection. For more information regarding any sample below, please contact

Sample # Region Description Unit or Rock type Latitude Longitude Bulk Analysis Completed Thin Section
A10-9.2 Angara Tuff from around sandstone dike Tuff 58.810389 102.563222 No Yes
A10-9.3 Angara Dike that weathered out, leaving competent tuff margins, sample from higher up where dike remains Mafic intrusive 58.810389 102.563222 No Yes
D10-1.1 Dupkin Fine-grained basalt/dolerite Flow or sill. Difficult to discern 68.218217 90.461383 No No
D10-1.2 Dupkin Mudstone cropping out below (downsection) from D10-1-1. In streambed Dark grey mudstone 68.222117 90.454083 No No
D10-2.1 Dupkin Epiclastic (likely completely reworked) volcaniclastic sandstone/"Tuff" Fissile margin between seds beneath and epiclastic tuff Epiclastic sediments/Tuff 68.379067 92.225533 No No
D10-2.2 Dupkin Magnetite-bearing lava from float just below cliff where source-bed is clearly visible. Magnetite lava 69.379067 93.225533 No No
D10-3.1 Dupkin 2 m down from the top of a 55m-thick columnar basalt flow Fine-grained amygdloidal basalt 68.422183 93.602550 No No
D10-3.2 Dupkin From top of 70m thick fine-grained columnar flow. Cannot sample middle of flow due to cliff Fine-grained massive basalt 68.422067 93.607133 No No
D10-3.3 Dupkin Boulder from float 10m downstream from D10-3-2. Same GPS Course-grained felsic boulder from upsection where we did not reach. Not seen in outcrop 68.422067 93.607133 No No
D10-3.4 Dupkin Sample from massive middle of 20m thick columnar flow unit at bottom of section 3 Massive medium/fine grained basalt 68.425650 93.610900 No No
D10-4.1 Dupkin North shore of Dupkin lake near mouth of river. 3-5m thick outcrop. Coursest material of the columnar section sampled Medium grained basalt flow 67.974333 92.027400 No No
D10-5.1 Dupkin 10m thick interbedded seds. Course sands to mudstones Sample of course sand (with volcanicalstics) float. Can see in outcrop uphill inaccessible. 67.461967 91.254233 No No
D10-5.2 Dupkin Lacustrine facies deposit on shore of Dupkin. Float sample of tuff that is fresh but cannot be found in outcrop. Broked fissile and fresh on side of river. Appears to have come from above, but not able to locate outcrop in trees/taiga Volcaniclastic/accretionary tuff 67.461967 91.254233 No No
D10-6.1 Dupkin Likely the lowest basalt in the section. Shore of Dupkun. Small sample from course columns Fine-grained basalt 67.410367 90.890467 No No
G08-01 Guli top of hill north of camp Guli carbonatite 70.882567 101.305550 No No
G08-02 Guli walking west on hill ridge Guli carbonatite 70.888200 101.296033 No No
G08-03 Guli magnetite under high dacha small handful Guli carbonatite 70.887967 101.296033 No No
G08-04 Guli calcite w/magnetite @ borehole 149 fresh from pit Guli carbonatite 70.888203 101.296317 Yes Yes
G08-05 Guli bright red w/megacrysts continues westward Guli carbonatite 70.886233 101.275617 Yes Yes
G08-06 Guli high on ridge NW of camp gray carbonatite, finer-grained Guli carbonatite 70.885067 101.262600 No Yes
G08-07A Guli mid-ridge NW of camp n-s contact b/w red (west) and gray (east) Guli carbonatite 70.881567 101.282417 No Yes
G08-07B Guli mid-ridge NW of camp n-s contact b/w red (west) and gray (east) Guli carbonatite 70.881567 101.282417 No Yes
G08-08 Guli mica + calc ig rock from r-151997 found at core site Guli alkaline/metasomatic rock 70.890367 101.264917 No Yes
G08-09 Guli carbonatite found at G08-08 core site Guli carbonatite 70.890367 101.264917 No No
G08-10 Guli phlogopite pyroxenites Guli alkaline/metasomatic rock 70.891567 101.260483 Yes Yes