Siberian Flood Basalt Collection

Below is a list of our current rock collection. For more information regarding any sample below, please contact

Sample # Region Description Unit or Rock type Latitude Longitude Bulk Analysis Completed Thin Section
G08-26 Guli metasomatic rock just above ijolite in pit Guli alkaline/metasomatic rock 70.882633 101.328733 No No
G08-27 Guli ijolite, very phlog rich, from same pit as 26 Guli igneous 70.882633 101.328733 No Yes
G08-28 Guli carbonatite ~20 m from margin in direction of -27 Guli carbonatite 70.882200 101.311150 No Yes
G08-29 Guli 30 m west of -28, megacrysts Guli carbonatite 70.882183 101.310222 No No
G08-30 Guli pit sample Guli carbonatite 70.882233 101.307950 No Yes
G08-31 Guli almost crest of hill Guli carbonatite 70.883117 101.304417 No No
G08-32 Guli red horizontal layer Guli carbonatite 70.883700 101.301867 No Yes
G08-33 Guli interior creamy, exterior striped black and white Guli carbonatite 70.884383 101.299467 No Yes
G08-34 Guli w/magnetites Guli carbonatite 70.883567 101.299950 No No
G08-35 Guli yellow carbonatite from Guli carbonatite 70.880050 101.305867 No Yes
G08-36 Guli reddish carbonatite Guli carbonatite 70.879067 101.302433 No No
G08-37.1 Guli frost polygon and drill hole, white, quartz? Guli alkaline/metasomatic rock 70.899367 101.239500 No No
G08-37.2 Guli whitish green from large boulder Guli carbonatite 70.899233 101.238867 No No
G08-37.4 Guli syenite from frost polygons Guli syenite 70.899550 101.237767 No No
G08-37.5 Guli coarser syenite more pyx Guli syenite 70.898867 101.230783 Yes Yes
G08-37.6 Guli syenite w/mica Guli syenite 70.899033 101.228583 No No
G08-37.7 Guli syenite w/greenish band Guli syenite 70.900933 101.213717 No No
G08-38 Guli ijolite dike appears to intrude carbonatite (coarse at margins) Guli igneous 70.921944 101.283056 No No
G08-38.1 Guli carbonatite far from ijolite Guli carbonatite 70.921944 101.283056 No Yes
G08-38.2 Guli ijolite at contact Guli igneous 70.921944 101.283056 No No
G08-38.3 Guli carbonatite at contact w/38.2 Guli carbonatite 70.921944 101.283056 No No
G08-38.4 Guli coarse carbonatite at contact Guli carbonatite 70.921944 101.283056 No No
G08-38.X Guli carbonatite outcrop Fedorenko says flow-banded Guli carbonatite 70.925000 101.280278 No Yes
G08-39 Guli carbonatite at next-most southern vegetation-free peak Guli carbonatite 70.930250 101.283533 No No
G08-40 Guli magnetite rich dike in pit Guli carbonatite 70.931083 101.280467 No Yes